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Nov 28, 2021
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In the first stages of completing the online registration form, you would be text message service required to provide a keyword of your choice. If you are going to be sending premium-rate text messages containing business tips, you would select a relevant keyword such as "Biz" or "Tips", or something indicative of what the service is about. This is the word that subscribers would be sending by SMS to the shortcode we will provide if they want to be subscribed to your service. 3. The second stage of the online registration process would be to read and understand the terms and text message service conditions of the Premium Rate Service Provider. These are very important as they set out how you will relate as an agent to Viva. Importantly, at the bottom of these terms and conditions is the table detailing the revenue share that you would be received. Section 4 of the terms and conditions provides for two ways through which you can be paid. Read them carefully by text message service so that you can understand them. The third stage of the online registration process involves text message service contacting the Premium Rate Service Provider. Once the Premium Rate Service Provider confirms that it is available, you will pay your first month's monthly. Once payment is made, Viva will proceed to liaise with our premium rate service provider to set up the keyword on our shared shortcode. Set-ups are usually done on Mondays and Thursdays. Once the keyword is set to text message service upon the shortcode, we shall send you an email confirming that the keyword has been set up. We shall also request that the text message service send us an email message in MS Excel with 14 - 30 SMS text that you'd like us to begin text message service sending out from the shortcode. Each message must not exceed 160 characters (including spaces). We shall also provide you with an online platform from where you can monitor who has subscribed to your service, the number of subscribers, the number of SMS text messages sent daily, and other important data. 8. The next step is marketing. You need to text message service to begin advertising your shortcode and keyword to the public. For example, you could put print advertisements saying "SMS Biz to 5242 to get a daily inspirational teaching from the New Testament".There are many ways of advertising, including radio, text message service newspapers, classifieds, TV, or pay-per-click advertising.